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a u.s. citizen and canadian were feared to be kidnapped in the wardak province near kabul. diplomats say they are unaware of any missing citizens. well, mitt romney campaign now suing to make sure those who fight for our freedom have their voices heard. 37 municipalities in wisconsin failed to send military ballots before the deadline. the campaign suing the state government accountability board. the deadline to return ballots should be extended. only one was sent late by nail. >> vermont, mississippi also missed the deadline. the justice department has filed a suit in vermont. there is a company holding steel for one world trade center hostage? the port authority of new york and new jersey suing adf steel for failing to deliver steel for the needle of the antenna. the lawsuit claims adf is demanding $6 million in payments for another project before shipment. adf has no immediate comment in all of that those are your headlines. >> let's get over to our friend rick reichmuth. >> i love seeing that picture of the trade center. >> that's beautiful seeing that go up. a cold morning acros
. >> we he have a lot to tell you about because the u.s. ambassador susan rice the woman who claimed quote spontaneous protests sparked last month's attempt. firing back that she mislead congress. that attack in benghazi left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. ambassador rice has been accused of lying to protect the white house during five television appearances later that week. she blamed the attack on protesters who were angry about a movie when, in fact, the attack was planned and executed by terrorists with ties to al qaeda. the administration now believes. last night rice tried to clarify in a letter to congress it says, quote: i relied solely and squarely on the information and intelligence community provided to me. a group of republicans led by senator john mccain responded quickly saying either the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. we go to a fox news alert for you right now. a hook-handed, one-eyed terrorist suspect is on a plane head to the united states
camerota. sounding alarms, newly released documents, reveal that slain u.s. ambassador chris stevens had major concerns about security and al qaeda well before the attack in benghazi. so what did the administration know and when did they know it? >> plus the candidates gearing up for the third and final presidential debate as new polls show mitt romney gaining strength in the key battleground states. will he he be able to keep up the momentum as we head down the home stretch? the numbers next. >> and it was given $150 million of stimulus cash by the obama administration. why are workers that the battery plant sitting idol playing sudoku and monopoly? the latest green energy flop. monopoly takes a long time to play. ever played that. >> six hours, baby. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> you are watching "fox & friends." that's great way to begin your day. >> monopoly takes a long time to play if you do the free parking or hand out the card ahead of time you can cut that time in half. >> if we started the monopoly game on the couch wield not be done by the time the show is over. >> the wor
before his murder, u.s. ambassador chris stevens wrote a cable to the state department warning security that was spiraling out of control. >> fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with more. >> dave, alisyn, and clayton, good morning, all those these documents are written in the usual brewer craft particular style of diplomatics and security officers. they now take on added.ian is i. reared that rages from savage to chilling. >> on the day he died ambassador to libya chris stevens signed a three page cable labeled sensitive in which he alerted the state department and other agencies growing problems with security in benghazi. police and security forces were, quote: too weak to keep the country secure. >> i'm stunned by these documents. i figured there was probably some documents. i had no idea it would be like this. if i were the press secretary now, i would be chagrined to say the least. >> stevens' warnings had crescendoed over three months' times. june 25 he had signed another sensitive cable which stevens cataloged what he called increase in violent attack against wes
. promotions will request the refund now that armstrong has been stripped of his titles by the u.s. doping agency and international cycling union. the letter listing the company's demands will be sent on monday. those are your headlines at this hour. >> thank you, alisyn. we are joins this morning boy special guest, ambassador john bolton joining us bright and early for important story, ambassador. great to see you this morning. >> we are getting more information as we seem to do here all the time at fox as to what it relates to what unfolded in benghazi and libya. now we are learning overnight that the u.s. consulate has told fox news that cia operatives three times had asked for help, had asked for permission to call in for backup or go into this area where chris stevens and his staff were being attacked. on two different occasions they were told to stand down and to not go in there. defense secretary leon panetta said we simply didn't have enough information for individuals to go into that zen. what do you make of all of this? >> we're in the stage now of conflicting explanation by the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)